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WLE Designs offers you a range of different printing options. Each with their own benefits, you’ve got the choice to use more traditional methods or try out newer technologies like digital printing. With complex, full-colour designs able to be printed quickly and easily, digital printing gives you an affordable way to design your custom clothing — requiring no minimum order!

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A New Method of Clothing Customization

Designed to be a more accessible and efficient way to create custom clothing, digital printing is a relatively recent invention.

Digital printing, or direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, was developed in the United States around 25 years ago. Looked at as a way to take advantage of modern inkjet technology, this unique method took some time to really take off. With a variety of different companies showcasing their new machinery, technological advances came slow but steadily.

Today, digital printing is a popular method of clothing customisation, utilised by people all over the world. Producing vibrant results every time, many people enjoy the convenience and ease that comes with DTG printing.

Custom Digital Printing Grafton

Got a bucks weekend or hens night coming up? Why not make it one to remember with some customised clothing. Whether it’s a funny phrase, meaningful photo or simply just the date and location — there’s no better way to commemorate a special occasion than with matching group attire.

WLE Designs can help you have your own artwork proudly displayed on the front of your T-Shirt!

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What Materials Can Be Printed On?

The types of dyes used in digital printing means they produce the best results with natural kinds of fibres. This includes products that are mostly made of cotton, linen, hemp or bamboo.

Digital printing is ideal for situations where you have highly detailed photographic images that you wish to transfer to your item. Giving you access to an unlimited range of colours, DTG printing always creates a vivid image.

The Digital Printing Process Explained

Put simply, a screen printer works on the principles of stencilling. If you’ve ever painted over a plastic stencil onto a bit of paper as a child (and who hasn’t?) then you already understand the fundamentals.

Using specialised equipment, your custom design is turned into a range of stencils, depending on how many different colours are required for the final image. Then, layer by layer, the stencils are placed underneath the mesh screen and the ink (or paint) is pressed through onto the material.

With the ink added at the top, a squeegee is then used to move it across the entire length of the screen, making sure it’s completely covered. Once dried, the process is repeated with different stencils and colours in order to achieve the final image.

While it may seem quite labour intensive, and often is, modern equipment has streamlined this process and helps to produce a great result every time!