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Heat transfer printing, also sometimes referred to as thermal-wax transfer printing or vinyl printing, is a printing method that uses heat to apply an image to a chosen material. This process involves your design first being printed onto a sheet of wax paper, which is then permanently transferred onto your item of clothing using a weighted heat press machine.

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How Does Heat Transfer Printing Work?

Firstly, the image to be transferred is digitally designed. This includes making sure that it’s the appropriate size and correct file format. The image itself can include a brand name, logo or any sort of unique design.

Next, the image is printed onto a special heat-transfer suitable wax paper. This also requires the use of specialised inks in order to achieve a vibrant, durable final result. The image is then carefully cut out, ready for the actual heat transfer process to begin.

Once the heat press is all warmed up (usually to around 180°C) the image transfer can commence. This is a somewhat delicate process, requiring the application of a gentle-yet-firm amount of pressure on the press to ensure complete contact is made. Not enough pressure, or too much pressure, can result in a ruined product. Different types of materials require different manipulation, and an experienced hand is required in order to achieve the best result. The length of time that contact needs to be made will vary, but it’s usually around 45 seconds.

After this, a thin protective film is added to the item in the same way that the image was. Made of a very light layer of cloth, the film prevents the image from getting damaged over time and creates a more durable finish.

Vinyl Heat Transfer Services Grafton

WLE Designs use only the latest in iColour digital print and cut systems in order to achieve vibrant and accurate results every time. We guarantee that, when you choose us to bring your customs designs to life, you’ll always be happy with results!

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When Is It Suitable To Use?

Digital heat transfers are a great option when you’re looking to print detailed, highly coloured imagery that’s photo realistic. There are also a number of occasions when other methods of printing simply won’t be suitable, based on the image placement or the type of material being used.

Heat transfer printing can be used for:

  • T-Shirts — Print Your Business Name or Logo For Free Advertising 24/7!
  • Hoodies, Jumpers and Jackets — Customise Your Clothing With Your Own Image or Design
  • Blankets — Create Promotional Items or Special Gifts For Your Employees
  • Ties — A Custom Made Tie Will Be The Centrepiece Of Any Outfit
  • Shirt Pockets — Want To Look Professional With Your Initials or Company Logo on Your Shirt?
  • Sports Apparel — Ideal For Printing Numbers on The Back of Jerseys
  • Use Heat Transfer Printing For Headbands, Onesies, Singlets and much more.