Screen Printing Grafton

Screen printing is a printing process that involves the use of stencils to apply multiple layers of ink to a surface. One by one, each layer of colour is added to form the final vibrant image.

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Custom Screen Printing Grafton

If you’re looking for high quality, affordable, professional screen printing, look no further than WLE Designs. We provide a range of printing options for different applications, screen printing being our most popular by far!

Using only the best quality inks and paints for your products, we guarantee a result that you’ll always be happy with.

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How Exactly Does It Work?

Put simply, a screen printer works on the principles of stencilling. If you’ve ever painted over a plastic stencil onto a bit of paper as a child (and who hasn’t?) then you already understand the fundamentals.

Using specialised equipment, your custom design is turned into a range of stencils, depending on how many different colours are required for the final image. Then, layer by layer, the stencils are placed underneath the mesh screen and the ink (or paint) is pressed through onto the material.

With the ink added at the top, a squeegee is then used to move it across the entire length of the screen, making sure it’s completely covered. Once dried, the process is repeated with different stencils and colours in order to achieve the final image.

While it may seem quite labour intensive, and often is, modern equipment has streamlined this process and helps to produce a great result every time!

What Materials Can Be Printed On?

Screen printing can be applied to a variety of different materials. As long as there’s a completely flat surface to work with, there shouldn’t be any issues. Different inks/paints are suitable for different materials, but almost anything can work with this innovative and highly artistic method of printing.

Materials you can screen print on include:

  • Fabric — Choose To Print Your Business Logo on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Towels, Tote Bags and more
  • Paper — Create Custom Display Posters and Promotional Images For You or Your Company
  • Cardboard — Business Branded Packaging Looks Professional and Exciting
  • Plastic — Create Custom Promotional Items For Your Next Event
  • You Can Even Print on materials like Wood, Metal and Glass!

A Brief History

While it’s claimed by many that screen printing originated in the 18th and 19th century, its origins actually date a little further back than that. Quite a bit further back actually, all the way to 1200 AD!

Used in China, by the Song Dynasty, this method of screen printing was very similar to its modern application. There was, however, one significant difference: the mesh screen used in the printing process was made of silk. As this was a widely available material in the region at the time, strands of silk were used to create the meshed structure that the dye passes through.

Nowadays, silk is no longer a practical option. Modern screens are usually made from more cost effective and durable materials like polyester, nylon and stainless steel.

So, if you were wondering why screen printing is sometimes still referred to as silk screen printing — that’s why!